31 days of gratitude

In trying times, it’s hard to look at all the good we have surrounding us each day. The fear, unrest, and uncertainty tend to overshadow the good, harmony, and happiness. We stop looking at all that we are blessed with and look only at what we don’t have or should because we have a “right” to have it.

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately, so here’s another post to trigger you into action with me and a challenge. Starting August 1, 2016, I’ll be posting a daily gratitude prompt for you on social media that will last the month. #31daysofgratitude

When someone asks, “What are you grateful for?” your home, your car, your family, and your faith immediately come to mind. Have you ever delved deeper? Have you ever thought about what sound you are grateful for or maybe what childhood memory you are grateful to have? It requires some pondering. So ponder we will. For 31 days, I’ll give you the prompt, give you my answer, and hopefully get some great replies in return. I would love to see what you all think as it helps me to get outside my box too!

Here’s a quick list of some things I’ve been grateful for lately outside of the obvious:

  • Explore.org and the Bear cams and this year the Eagle cam on the 2nd Decorah nest
  • Gibbs – our kitten



  • Freedom to work from home and grow my freelance writing career
  • Ability to travel this past year to learn new things and meet new people
  • Meeting Aliy Zirkle & Allen Moore while in Anchorage, Alaska when I…
  • Dawn meets Aliy and Allen of SPKennels
  • Volunteer at the Iditarod
  • Meeting mushers Lance Mackey, Rick Castillo, Joe Runyan at Iditarod
  • The upcoming trip next week to Colorado to learn about Alpacas! (post to follow)
  • Two mommas with two fawn each wandering the greenbelt behind our home in the evenings
  • My health
  • Mother Earth and good clean water to drink each day
  • My values and morals
  • The quiet of this moment

So climb aboard the gratitude train with us for the month of August. Go to Facebook and each day starting August 1st; I will post the prompt for you at 6 pm Central time. Join in, add your answer and let’s help each other remember all the good we have in our lives.  See you there.

Facebook link 


Bookmark it so you can find it easy! Then hopefully, this will trigger a daily habit for us.


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