5-Day Self-Care Challenge

I want to challenge you (and myself,) to take 5-10 minutes out of the day for the next 5 days to enjoy some self-care. The photo above has ideas to get you started or maybe just whet your appetite for the 5-day self-care challenge.

Do NOT be intimidated by this. Self-care is so important and I think if we were all less worried about how others might think about it, or whether or not it seems silly, we might take better care of ourselves. We also put too much pressure on ourselves to perform, and we don’t have “time” to stop. Think about that…

Don’t have time to stop – at least until our bodies stop us. Combine the health issues in society together with the stresses we put on ourselves to be the best and there can be no argument that we’re running ourselves into the ground. We’re going there anyway, what the heck is our hurry?

Slow down and take this simple 5-day self-care challenge with me. Maybe it’ll lead to longer than just 5 days. That would be a good thing, I promise.

Friends…please share. Self-care is so important to everyone. Together, we’ll get through this thing called LIFE.

♥Thanks so much.♥

5-day self-care challenge

5 Replies to “5-Day Self-Care Challenge”

    1. I think I’ve had a much better week since I’ve been good to myself. I don’t usually do that. I took naps, had time with friends and ate well. Really a nice week despite the weather.

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