A Toast to 2015 and YOU!

I was given a challenge for 2015 and so I’m going to pass it along to you.


Don’t make New Years Resolutions…make goals!  Think about it.  When you make a “resolution”, the feeling behind it is that you’re fixing something that you’re not happy with.  Need to go on a diet = I’m not happy with my weight.  Need to call my Mother more = I’m not calling her enough.   So, if we change our thinking to my goal is to be 10 pounds lighter, or I would like to call my Mother once a week, we are focused on the positive outcome we desire, not the negative that needs to be fixed.

So let’s make goals!  The next part of the challenge is to set goals within the different aspects of you and your life.  For instance, I’m a partner, co-parent, employee, entrepreneur, community volunteer, spiritual being, and just all around fun person to be with, etc!  All of these parts of me deserve to have their own goals and balance within all those goals.  I won’t be able to make my goals for 2015 just general.  I will need a goal as a parent, a different goal as a partner, another goal for exercise/meditation/massage, and even another as to how much time I have to volunteer and/or contribute to the community.  As an entrepreneur, I need to allow myself a goal for where I want to be with my own business by the end of the year.

The trick will be to not just to set your goals, but allocate time and attention to them.  I’ve constantly set the goal for myself, to write more and more consistently.  I have yet to be able to do that. There’s this thing called “life” that keeps getting in the way.  Job, kids, dinner, groceries, bills, chores.  Well, this stuff is never going away, BUT if I allocate my time differently, I can fit it all in.  Right now, I’m overwhelmed.  Oh, I don’t have time to write a post today.  It takes me 45 minutes to set 300 to 700 words in play.  But, my new goal may be to allow myself 15 minutes every day to write.  Something. Anything.  Just write.  Goal of every Tuesday, call Mom after dinner.  Goal of devoting 10 minutes, every other day, to the bills.  Now, it’s not an hour long project once a week.  Much more manageable.  Personal development goal could be 15 minutes reading that self motivational book every other day (done on the off bill day).  The day I don’t call Mom, run the duster across the furniture.  I’m going to take the pocket of time I have, and fill in goals around each other.  Balance them out, so none are overwhelming and all get accomplished.  Think of where my list of goals will be at the end of this year! It’s in the trash, because I’ve met them all and had to set new ones.  Or maybe that is my overall goal to begin with!

Set your goals for 2015.  Give yourself the time to actually accomplish them.  Have fun, be positive, and live your life the way you WANT to.

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