Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving.  In the US, this means TURKEY!  No, just kidding, well, it does mean turkey, but not just turkey.  Thanks-giving.  Lets start with the Thanks part. Thankful is a state of gratitude. Gratitude is an unbelievably positive state of mind to be in.  I read a neat article today about studies that have been going on to track the results in peoples lives, with regard to conscious gratitude.  Take 3 groups of people, have 1 group list 5 things that they are grateful about that related to the last week of their lives.  Take another group and have them list the top 5 things that drove them nuts about the last week of their lives, and last group just writes down 5 things that have affected them for the past week.  They did this study for like a year.  The first group had just an incredible year.  Relationships were better, finances were better, they were more apt to help those in need, and they were just incredibly happier people.  2nd group didn’t have near the results, were not happy, marriages fell apart, jobs didn’t last, and they were pretty much down right crabby people.  The last “control” group had no real results one way or the other really.  Just keep on, keeping on.  So they took this study to another level, and had these people, in these groups, write down their same 5 things, only every day, instead of once a week.  Both major groups exponentially grew in the direction they were already going!  Control group stayed pretty much the same.

What does this say?  Be grateful.  For everything you can think of, and then everything you haven’t gathered into your life yet.  Just think how much faster it will come to you!

Giving.  The 2nd part of the day.  Where do we practice the giving part of this?  Donating to food banks so they can help those in need.  Sharing your dishes with others.  Opening your own door to those in need and sharing.  That’s just a few ideas on how we can give.

So I have a challenge based on a challenge from Jeff Walker.  For the next 30 days, list 5 things you are grateful for each day.  See where you are at the end of 30 days.  I’m going to bet, in a better state of mind, if nothing else!  Positively.

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