20151219_105148I’m lounging in my chair under a blanket, a cloud of tissues, and a kitten.  Christmas music plays in the background while Amy is whipping up some Christmas cookies.  My “allergies” turned out to be a full blasted head cold.  I’ve used almost a half a box of tissues in less than twelve hours. I let my guard down and really got run down. But that’s not why I’m writing this.

I’m sharing my blessings.  This fall has been tough,  in a character building kind of way.  But really, don’t I have enough character?  Ha.  I went to a writing conference in September.  I had more published articles prior to the conference, than I have had since.  I did meet an editor at the conference who has spent a LOT of time with me to get me published in print in his magazine, which is one of my favorties.  So there’s that.

I went from the conference to my sister’s for two weeks and had an idea for a series of articles that in truth, once I actually got feet on the ground to research, realized my idea was not going to work.  Little punch in the gut.  At the beginning of the second week, Amy had to put our cat, Cheyenne, to sleep.  I sometimes think that maybe Cheyenne let go while I was gone on purpose.  I’ve had her almost fourteen years from the time she was a mere kitten.  That was a big punch that knocked the wind out of my sails.



Just sixty days later, we had to put another cat, Scudder, to sleep.  He had kidney problems since getting into our dog’s pain medication almost six years ago.  Basically, we’ve saved his life on three different occasions.  Each time he climbed back from being so sick, I would fall in love a little deeper with him.  His death was the boat sinking right out from under me.  I have never hurt that deeply or struggled so hard to find a way forward.  Both cats I’d raised up from kittens were gone.



We have a new kitten.  I lasted one week of seeing Scudder’s shadow and hearing him meowing.  We went to look for a kitten knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to just get any kitten.  I needed a connection.  That connection falls asleep on my chest as I sit in a chair.  He’s currently laying partly on my chest, and partly on my hands, unbothered by my coughing or typing.  I look at him and wonder how the total trust came to be.  How does he know we’ll keep him safe?  How does he know he’s already taken a spot of all of our hearts?



All these pets and the others in my life are truly blessings.  They cause me to look at things from a different perspective.  I have a new outlook on things.  New ideas are in play, new ambitions are firing up, and a new year is right around the corner.  I’m ready.  I’m going to the Iditarod!!  So if you want to buy me dinner while I’m there, click the purple button on the right hand column and donate $10 to my trip.  Thanks so much for everyone who has already given.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. OMG. What a cute kitty! Love those mischievous eyes!

    Sorry for your losses. Our 13 year old cat, currently curled up on the couch next to me, has been losing weight. We took him to the vet this week for a slew of tests and he’s starting to have kidney issues. It is SO difficult to see our pets grow old. Our 11 year old GSD, who is my kid, is also having old age related problems. It’s sort of amazing how much they burrow into our hearts, isn’t it?

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