Blogs, Writing, and Life in Progress

This blog is for you reader, the end.  I am merely the middle; writing to pass along some of the most beautiful experiences I’ve come across and those are the beginning. I hope to narrow what has been a somewhat chaotic, and directionless blog into a focused writing tool.  I hope to pass along some of the beauty of the world that shouldn’t be overlooked. Places, people, scenery that are worth taking a moment of time to enjoy.  Maybe it will prompt a trip, maybe an addition to the bucket list, a photo giving you the new desktop picture you’ve been searching for, or maybe the inspiration you need for your dreams and goals board. Whatever it does for you, I hope to give you pause, and an opportunity to stop and sense the world and some of the glory it has to offer.

I quote from Brendon Burchard’s The Motivation Manifesto

“Hurry has become the master. We have stopped sensing the stillness, the stunning fullness and beauty and divine perfection of the moment. Most barrel through life, unaware of their senses and surroundings, deaf and blind to the magical qualities of… thisverymoment. We are not supposed to miss it all, this life, but we do, all frazzled, stressed, and stripped away from Now. The cost is immense— so many moments blurred by speed and worry and panic, all stacking onto hectic days, all creating the catastrophe of an un-experienced, joyless life…

Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of long, meaningful moments.”

I hope to connect with other travel writers/editors/publishers, and anyone who just would like to feel good about life in general.  The next year for me is stacked with possibilities, change, and joy.  I’m ready.  Are you?

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  1. I’m ready for this road trip too! Although I know it’s going to be a bumpy ride, I’m moving right along there with ya, to see the big pictures, take in big breaths and hear all the big sounds. We won’t ignore the little ones. We can experience those too.

  2. I like the quote by Brendon Burchard. You have added a book to my “I need to read” book list. I am working to blog about travel and the world in general. I have started with my own area because I find that so many people have never explored their own town/city as a tourist. In February, however, my husband and I ventured to St. Croix. I must have looked like a tourist because I stood on the tarmac to soak up the sunshine and warmth for the first time since September.

    1. That book is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while on the reading list. Very empowering! Here’s a link to a free copy (just pay $7 shipping anywhere in the world!)

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