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I wanted to share this article I found and discuss the findings related to my own household. Trulia, a real estate site, did a Harris Poll of Americans and the results were what I would imagine them to be.  Basically, the results are, being environmentally conscious is a good thing, but we don’t spend or don’t have the money to do so.


The options included such things as energy efficient appliances, installing alternative energy source, drive a hybrid or electric vehicle. Two ideas were presented. Do you believe this is an environmentally conscious action and did you act on it? The respondents that answered they “somewhat agree” with the idea were less likely to act on that statement than those that responded, “strongly agree.” That seems reasonable. What shocked me in the poll was how few of the “somewhat” or “strongly agree” people actually acted on conserving.

Here’s how I would answer the questions posed.

First off, I strongly agree that all the actions are environmentally conscious, especially if they are combined.

As for acting on the belief, I fall right in line with the majority of Americans answering this poll.

Buy energy efficient home appliances – yes, as we have replaced appliances, we have looked at the energy efficiency rating. Even the last TV we bought. 70% in the poll did too.

Make energy efficient home upgrades – we haven’t acted on this per say, our house came with a lot of energy efficient features. 65% of the poll did.

Bike, Walk, or Take Public Transportation to frequent destinations – our only option in our somewhat rural area, is driving to the train, to take it one station down and walk 7 miles to work. Hmmm probably not, and only 49% of pollsters acted on this option.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Install alternative energy source – would LOVE to, cannot afford it yet. 32% others said conscious action but only 17% acted on it. See? Too expensive yet.

Carpool instead of driving separately to frequent destinations. The only thing we frequent is a job, and no one else lives near us. 27% on the poll acted on this.

Drive a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle – the size our family would need is cost prohibitive and only 19% of pollsters act on this.

Live in a smaller home – we went larger when we moved four years ago and will cut that in half when we move to Colorado. The thing about growing boys is eventually they move out! LOL   Yet only 16% of pollsters agreed this was an environmentally conscious thing to do and only 28% of those acted on it.

Buy renewable electricity from a utility provider – we have opted for a portion of our utility bill to use renewable, but the full option is not available, and yes we pay more for it. 19% of pollsters do this of the mere 13% that think it’s worth it!

Buy used furniture/appliances instead of new – here I disagree, mainly because the newer items tend to have more options for environmental concerns than older ones. Only 13% agreed strongly with this option, and 26% of them acted on it.


So, as you can see, generally Americans think it’s a good idea to do what we can to be environmentally conscious, but in many cases we don’t. In our particular situation, it definitely comes down to cost.

How about your family or situation? Do you take any steps to be environmentally conscious? Care to share? Please post in the comments below.

The Environmental Study Article

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