Focusing on Motivation


Another set of quotes from “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendan Burchard.

“The real downfall for many people isn’t that they are ‘unmotivated’ people, but that they are simply distracted, too absentminded to sustain motivation. It may be that the world isn’t giving us what we want simply because our own lack of focus makes it unclear what we are asking for…We mustn’t take our eyes off our own goals, as we dispatch the mundane tasks of the day or await the “right time” to begin what we truly want to do…Some might fear that we are cultivating an obsession.  We are.  We are becoming obsessed with a mighty aim, putting our full attention and zeal, perhaps for the first time, into something that truly matters to us.”

This is so important to understand when you have goals and dreams for your life.  Do not wait for the right time.  You have to make the right time.  And that time is now.  Dream your dream, but don’t let it lay.  Plan your plan.

Our plan is to have a vacation place in Colorado.  Not a place for us to vacation, but a place for others to vacation.  We envision a relaxed atmosphere with all the necessities available for a great vacation for someone (maybe you!) We need to find the perfect place, get it set up, get it advertised, and be ready to open the doors, before or right when, our boys graduate from school.  So, am I putting this off? Sort-of.  Dreaming the dream, planning the plan. BUT, we do need to wait for our youngest to graduate.  He is sitting in top 10% of his class and we don’t want our dreams to mess with his chances in life.  But, we are making changes to get ready for this endeavor.  I’m going to be leaving my employment in 1 year.  Leaves me 1 year to get things rolling. The biggest challenge is that we may need to set up residency in Colorado in order to apply for the small business services that are available.  So that may mean a partial year living there while I get things going.  Am I prepared to do that?  Yes, because that may be what needs to be done in order to have our dream succeed.  Do what you must do to allow your dreams to flow.  Another quote…”A better future can be imagined for segments of time, but it is only in this time that a better future can be built.”  That is my aim.  How about yours?

And one more…(can you tell I really like this book?)

“Let it be clear to all: Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively toward them.”

Dream on. Dream big. Be positive.

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  1. I love this book – am also reading alongside Dawn. Very thought-provoking. I find myself stretching beyond what I normally would to grasp to full meaning and how it applies to me.

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