Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!  I wanted to quote from my post last year, but first I wish to share a few things that I am grateful for this year.

I am so grateful we have a roof over our head.  My family’s safety is probably the one thing I won’t compromise.  I am so grateful we have a house and the means to support it.  We have had quite a few “problems” in the three months since I’ve left my job, but in the end, it’s all just stuff.  It can be fixed.  It will be fixed.

Which leads to the next thing;  I am grateful for our resolve.  I left a paycheck to follow my dreams.  It will take a bit to get that rolling in.  We’re not letting the universe and all the challenges it’s throwing at us change the course.  We’ve made a decision, and we’re sticking to it.

I am so grateful for having the time and ability to focus on my dreams. I have been taking lots of courses and gone to workshops.  I’ve met some great people who share my dreams.  It has been humbling and at the same time empowering to find the joy that comes with allowing myself to be who I am and do what I love.  Thanks to someone who just pointed this out to me, I am ok with who I am.  I don’t need anyone else’s approval or even understanding.

I found some long-lost friends this year; soul sisters from Army Basic Training. It was almost like finding a part of me I’d forgotten.  I am grateful I was able to re-connect with these women.  We cried together, built our strength together, learned together and grew together over an eight week period.  Thirty-two years later, we cried together, shared our strengths together, learned about each others lives together, and grew together all over again over an eight hour period.

I am grateful for the health and joy I have in my life and those I care about that have the same.

Taken from last year’s post, this was from an article I read on gratitude.

Studies have been conducted to track the results in people’s lives, about conscious gratitude. Taking three groups of people;

  • The first group lists five things that they are grateful about that related to the last week of their lives.
  • Next group  lists the top 5 things that drove them nuts about the last week of their lives
  • The last group just writes down five things that have affected them for the past week.
  • They did this study for a year.  The first group had just an incredible year.  Relationships were better, finances were better, they were more apt to help those in need, and they were just incredibly happier people.
  • The 2nd group didn’t have near the results, were not happy, marriages fell apart, jobs didn’t last, and they were pretty much down right crabby people.
  • The last “control” group had no real results one way or the other.  Just keep on, keeping on.
  • They took this study to another level, and had these people, in these groups, write down their same five things, only every day, instead of once a week.  Both major groups exponentially grew in the direction they were already going!  Control group stayed pretty much the same.

What does this say?  Be grateful.  For everything, you can think of, and then everything you haven’t gathered into your life yet.  Just think how much faster it will come to you!

So I have a challenge for you.  For the next thirty days, list five things you are grateful for each day.  See where you are at the end of thirty days.  I’m going to bet, in a better state of mind, if nothing else!  Positively.

Last but not least, I’m grateful to you, my readers!  Thanks for reading.


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  1. Thanks, Dawn! I’m glad one of your conferences brought us together, and I wish you all the grace and happiness that can be found from “striking your own path.” It’s been life-changing for me too, and the best part has been the people I’ve met!

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