Information Overload

I’ve been thinking lately about the overload of self-help information readily available to us. I write a bit myself adding to the stream of sleep better, exercise more, dream big, be positive, and every other inspiration you can imagine. I even created an app to send daily inspirations to your phone, on your schedule, to give a little boost to the day. I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I thought “hell, I’ll do it myself.” It was a lot of work with little return. My consolation is the comments that my friends have made boost my morale. (Insert LOL emoticon here!)

I read a post recently discussing the very thing I’d been thinking. (Hey, get out of my head. These are my thoughts to put on paper!) Why are there so many “10 ways to sleep better” or “5 steps in 5 minutes to start your day?” (That one is mine!) The author suggested we’re in overload and need to stop writing and reading these things.

I disagree. A mentor from my past said, “Eat the chicken, spit out the bones.” Not everything we write will hit the mark for every person. Some like my style some do not. For some, the message of meditating daily (I don’t), just doesn’t sit well. BUT, yes, I love to take walks and get fresh air. That works. You see what I’m getting at?

We have to keep writing what people are asking for ~ even if it’s been written 100 times, in 100 different ways, by 100 authors. Not every word works for every person. As long as readers are reading, writers need to keep writing.

Stay the course friends.

Thanks for reading.

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