It’s a 70’s Music Kind of Night on the Cusp of 2015


We’re sitting on the couch New Year’s Eve, wondering just how close to midnight we can get to this year.  I think last year we made it to 10:30!

Just wrote my post for New Year’s Goals and all the while we have the tunes turned up.  Quite a bit louder than we would normally choose.  Trying to drown out the fireworks that have been going since dark.  I mean, I understand the celebration, but why do we need to celebrate with boomers that make me feel like I’m in a war zone?  I’ve been in the military, I know what that sounds like. I don’t find it at all fun.  Nor does our poor dog.  She has been given her allocated half pill from the vet.  Picture drugged dog, who is so on edge she can’t fall off to sleep even though she wants to.  Remember watching your kid nod off, but refusing to go to sleep because they might miss something?  Yep, that’s what I have here.  And I can’t fix it.

But I can sing along to the crazy tunes we have going.  I found out I’m a 70’s music junkie.  My high school days were the 80’s and I can jam along with the best of them.  But the 70’s, WOW.  I actually know the lyrics.  And it’s a little gentler on my neck.  Not near the head banging.  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, James Taylor, America, Fleetwood Mac, and Eagles are keeping us smiling.  Another funny note, our 15 year old knows almost as many of the lyrics as we do!

Here’s a little fun. Name the artist and song that go with the following lyrics: just post your answers in the comments section

A:  The leader of the band is tired, and his eyes are growing old…

B:  So I’ll have to say I love you in a song…

C:  You, that are on the road, must have a code, in which to live by…

D:  Beautiful faces, loud empty places, look at the way that we live…

E:  But Oz never did give nutin to the tin man, that he didn’t, didn’t already have…

Just a little fun for you, as you try to keep your eyes open waiting for the be-witching hour.  You know, 9pm IS the new midnight!

Cheers!  Be Bold.  Be Crazy.  It’s time.  And then do this:

Bonus lyric:  You can spend all your time making love, you can spend all your love making time….


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