Love-love-love. I’m wrapping this post in love!

I want to touch on the tragedy in Orlando. I last wrote of how negativity clings to me like dust bunnies cling to Pig Pen. Well, so does sadness, despair, and helplessness. I tend to shy away from extremes in the news because I have a very difficult time processing the deep emotions that come up for me.

However, what good can come of this? Love-Love-Love



Sometimes to find the good, we must seek it out. So, pass by the angry articles, click away from the negative news reports and find the good.

I watched a video of a news conference at the Orlando Trauma center and they spoke of how they managed the event. The crew at the hospital was incredible and the support they received from other hospitals included nurses, doctors, clean-up crew, supplies, and the help was immediate. One doctor on numerous occasions had difficulty talking about certain aspects of the morning. His feelings were obvious and he spoke of the importance of the healing and grief counseling. He said it was the worst day in his career and at the same time the best day in his career because of how the community pulled together.

They interviewed one of the shooting victims, Angel, and he talked about how important it is that he is surrounded now by love and laughter shared by family and friends. Less than three days after the shooting, Angel could only think of thanking the staff at the hospital and the cop that dragged him from the building. Keeping positive is top on his list.


How do we stay positive with tragedies like this swirling around us? We stand proud. We keep smiling. We keep laughing. We keep on keeping on. If we don’t, they win. The bad guys win.

A friend asked me why I don’t change my Facebook status to match the current issue. Why don’t I take on the ribbon, change my status, or share the news? Because I feel that the more attention we bring to that negativity, the bigger it gets.  I value those who can hold the candlelight vigil, but I cannot. Once I get into that mode, I am stuck. Therefore, I focus on what I can do. I honor the victims quietly, in my own way. Finally, I tread as lightly on the issue of guns as I do the issue of LGBT rights.

However, what good can come out of all of the mess and muckity muck that’s been created? Unity and more love. Love-love-love. The world revolves around it and the more we practice it, the more it surrounds us. Love your neighbor, love your grocery store clerk, love your pets, family, and friends.

Smile at a stranger. You may give them the only smile they’ll see today. Laugh at a joke. Be the positive force others may need, but do not feel for themselves. While you do all this, you may notice your own healing happening. Bit by bit.

Like Angel, I plan to keep smiling, laughing and loving the best I can and most of all, staying positive. The bad guys can’t take that from me.


Thanks for reading! Please share. Love-Love-Love

7 Replies to “Love-Love-Love”

  1. It’s so true that you can’t let them win and it’s important to stay positive. I also don’t like to change my profile pic to broadcast the tragedy for the same reason. The more good vibes we send out to the Universe, the better the world will be.

  2. The media coverage is a bit overwhelming for sure. I took a break today and listened to music at work instead. But yes, the answer is love.

  3. Hi Dawn. Bless you. You have most certainly “taken the high road” and made a choice that is ultimately the healthiest for you and, I think, for your readers. The darker the world gets outside, the brighter a light will shine. Thank you for your transparency and focus in this post.

  4. Dawn, your words touched me deeply. Thank you for the reminder to reach out and give kindness and love to all. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Very well said Dawn, thank you. — MaryGo

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