NJ Grounds for Sculpture

Larger than life sculptures are scattered around 42-acres on the old stomping grounds of the New Jersey Fairgrounds. On a seasonably warm June day in Hamilton, New Jersey, I visited Grounds for Sculpture. The idea fostered by Seward Johnson was ~

“To create a place to make contemporary sculpture more accessible to greater numbers of people from all backgrounds.”

Now, I mean larger than life. Standing fully erect, I looked directly at the knees of these two women on the bench. The lady in the white coat had a paper wasp nest the size of my head near one of her eyes. We didn’t linger. 20160630_132635

Dorion by Bruce Beasley


The grounds take hours to explore, yet my group saw maybe half the 272 pieces of artwork on exhibition. Pocketed into nooks and crannies along pathways, creatively hidden amongst the trees, and worked into water features kept us zigzagging left and right, forward and backward.

Amy found her speaking muse at the Tempio Bretton by Walter Dusenbery

Not sure how she managed this!


A popular display is the Depression Breadline by George Segal.

One of my friends, #Gnomad, a 3” version of the guy seen in commercials was quite the photo hog. I found him stepping into the “October Gathering by Joan Danziger, and drinking from the wine glass at the “Lakeside Table” by Seward Johnson. The guard for the Mona Lisa painting could not seem to keep up with him either, apparently!


October Gathering and #Gnomad


Lakeside Table and #Gnomad

The park boasts many water gardens that added to the overall peaceful aesthetic. These ponds were full of koi fish and water lilies.


Leucantha by Philip Grausman steamed a bit on this warm day!

We also enjoyed seeing some of the resident peacock’s meandering around the property. I think they may have been trying to get into the air-conditioned buildings (that house rotating exhibits).



There are options for food here, which is a good thing if taking into consideration the time needed to wander the grounds. We had a scrumptious lunch at the Peacock Café while opting to skip Rat’s Restaurant whose name does not represent the high reviews it receives!

I have linked the artwork pictures to the description from the Grounds for Sculpture website. Just click on the image to get information on the piece and the artist. If you are in New Jersey, you might want to plan a day here and if not, you can view quite a bit of the artwork on the website.

Thanks for reading.

4 Replies to “NJ Grounds for Sculpture”

  1. Looks like someplace I need to visit next time out east. The “Depression” sculpture is very similar to the one at the Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC. Glad Gnomad got to come along. I have to remember to pack him for my Tucson trip along with RubberDucky.

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Loved reading about the sculptures. Hope they’re touchable. They sound as if they were meant to be appreciated by more than one sense, but you never know these days.

    1. There are usually tags that tell the name and artist and whether or not it’s appropriate to sit, stand, crawl, etc. There was one meant to encourage sound by banging on different pieces.

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