People & Businesses Doing Great Things

We live in a world where bad news, horrible things, and negativity all seems to thrive and grow with each passing moment of time. My aim is to bring to light some of the good news, the wonderful things, and positivity. Call me naïve, call me what you will, but I believe there is an overriding need for us to pull our heads out of the sands of blah. Life is an amazing thing to experience and we can live it without the constant barrage of negativity and despair. I believe we can keep up with the world around us without entering its dark side. The more we engage in the negative, the more we feed it. The same goes with the other direction. We just need to show that we are ready and ask for, more of the good.

People & Businesses Doing Great Things

In my search for good, I constantly come across ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Most of time, I find things that remind me of how good I have it in life and how many others don’t. For instance, have you thought about water? When you take your next drink, look at it. Is it clean? Brown? How about bugs? I’m going to guess not. We filter ours to clear out some of the chemicals that are put in it by the local water filtration systems. The chemicals kill the bacteria (which, by the way, end up in that system because of the million things we use to fertilize, clean, de-bug our perfect lawns), but then we drink the chemicals. Hmmm. Some vicious cycle we’ve created, huh? But, even though areas of the US (the majority of my readers) are in states of drought, how many of us have walked five miles to get five gallons of water for our family to live on that day? How many of us have had to drink brown water? The problem in Flint is only a drop in the pan of many problems of other nations on this wonderful big blue marble we all live on.

How about our war veterans? We’re losing our older vets from earlier wars on a daily basis due to age. Vets from our more recent “engagements” are also leaving us daily but due to suicide. What can we do about it? How can we help? Keep reading my friends.

Finally, the news has been very busy with information about the plight of the existence of elephants due to poaching and human “enslaving” of them. Well, there is some good to be found in that as well.



From charity:water taken in Uganda

(photo credit charity:water ~ Uganda)

(photo credit charity:water ~ India)






So the first business doing great things I want to share with you is charity:water 

Created by Scott Harrison after a trip to Africa where he discovered the horrible condition of the water the people there drank. When you watch the feature, I believe you will be as shocked as I was. It is an amazing thing, water. A person can live for days with only water sustaining them. But not when it is teeming with parasites. charity:water mission statement is: “a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.” A lofty goal “Until nobody on earth dies from dirty water…”  watch the film



Battle Dawgs


Next on the list is Battle Dawgs. From their website: “VISION: To empower our nation’s heroes through therapeutic and exciting experiences by harnessing the natural splendor of Alaska’s landscape and the majestic healing power of sled dogs.”


(photo credit Battle

While I was volunteering in March of 2016 for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, I met the founder of Battle Dawgs, Rick Castillo. This man and his team are working hard to help our veterans “reintegrate back into everyday life. 20% of our veterans suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s).” Alaska is the backdrop for “warrior camps,” and no veteran pays a cent to attend. All one needs to do is nominate a warrior through the link on the website. Obviously, donations are necessary to make a program like this happen. There is an option for supporting the service dog program to aid in the training of a specifically trained dog for a vet, also at no charge to the vet in need. Learn more here


Elephant Nature Park

founder Lek Chailert (photo credit

founder Lek Chailert (photo credit

Finally, how could I not mention animal welfare in a post of people doing great things? Did you know you could help with elephant rescue and rehabilitation? A little trip to Northern Thailand to Elephant Nature Park and you can help bathe them! Estimates show there are only 30,000 Asian Elephants left on the planet. Save Elephant Foundation rescued 35 elephants from their former lives as circus performers and loggers. The How You Can Help link on their website share a list of things you can do to help, even outside of monetary donations (though greatly needed.) There is a cute 2-minute video the kiddos will love on the home page here


photo credit







I know that in this day, everyone is asking for our help. Budgets don’t allow us to send funds to everyone.  But I imagine that one share I do on my social media might just get to the person, persons, or business that may be able to help out in a big way. Choose how you open your wallet carefully, but open your heart every chance you get. That alone could make THE difference.

Thanks for reading and please share.

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