Perfectly Good Enough

So here I am, wondering why the post link wouldn’t work in your emails (for subscribers – thank you). I got to thinking after the second failed attempt, that maybe the post wasn’t done, or I hadn’t written all that I needed to. Then I realized, that the post, my effort at getting the correct link to you, and pestering you with multiple emails, was ok. That in fact, it is all perfectly good enough. Read on, friends, read on.

It’s hard to believe we are all perfectly good enough in the world of:

5 ways to lose 5 pounds now!

Warning: Your diet is killing you

Why you have no energy

Learn how to meditate in only 5 minutes

How to feel better about yourself

Guess what?

You are perfectly good enough.

Don’t believe me? Shakespeare wrote:

 “Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.”

There is nothing wrong with wanting more for ourselves. I’m all about improvement in any number of manners. Lose a little weight, eat better, do better for the environment, show more love, be more grateful, and travel more. BUT, I think as a whole we get wrapped up in the outcome of any given thing we want to improve.

High-stress levels, lack of sleep, poor health, strained relationships and any number of other problems are related to how we perceive ourselves and how that affects our state of mind. Just thinking about being ok with who we are can lead to improvements overall.

I get frustrated when I don’t meet some goal I’ve set for myself. I’m sure you do too. It is so easy to have these high aspirations for improvement or lofty goals that we HAVE to reach. Then we turn around and chide ourselves for not reaching them. THEN, let’s get pissed off, go the other way, and stop trying. Talk about self-sabotage! I am the QUEEN of not being good enough, and always trying to be perfect, but I’m learning to be ok with who I am right where I am.

perfectly good enough

The key is to be happy with where we are. If the goal is C and we only reach B, be proud of that and then work on getting to C. Be ok with what you are doing. If you are trying to lose weight, be happy with the one or two pounds instead of beating yourself up because it’s not ten pounds. Be glad you changed some of your cleaners in your chem-free efforts. Be happy your kids like to go to school, even if they aren’t bringing home straight A’s.

Be happy with being perfectly good enough.

perfectly good enough


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2 Replies to “Perfectly Good Enough”

  1. Looks like the third time was a charm. 🙂 This was well worth the wait. It’s hard to remember this advice when bookshelves and websites are crammed with reminders of everything that’s wrong with us, and cookie-cutter advice on how to fix ourselves. Those of us who have broken free from the BS are probably doing atleast as well, or even better, than those who’re addicted to it. My life got a whole lot better when I stopped trying to be perfect according to someone else’s standards. Great topic and great post!

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