Recurring Feature…The Thursday Trek

Every blog needs a feature.  This assignment from Blogging 101 suggests regular posts keep people reading, and recurring features keep the readers excited for the next entry. So I’ve thought how to work this into my theme of travel writing and I’ve come up with “The Thursday Trek”!

Every Thursday I’ll post something related to a past or upcoming trek.  This will serve to:

a. keep me writing

b. keep you reading

c. keep both of us busy with our travel bucket list


I can’t begin to explain in one post of all the beautiful places I’ve experienced here in the good ole USA.  Each week, I’ll bring you somewhere new.  I hope to enlighten you on the awesome world surrounding us and give you a glimpse of places you may never have a chance to personally enjoy, or even, give you a place you put on your bucket list.

I’ve been blessed to have visited, or lived in, so many states in the USA.  The east coast from Florida to Maine, the southern route via I-10 all the way across to San Diego, California.  Throw in other parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington.  I’ve blipped through Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  Camped in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Oklahoma (and yes, the winds do go whipping across the plains).   There are some states in the Central Plains that reside on my list and many that want a re-visit.  The two you will hear me go on about the most are my favorites…Colorado and Alaska.  I can’t seem to get enough of either.  I’ll be moving to Colorado in two years and Alaska has not seen the last of me.

So if you’d like to learn about “off the beaten track” kind of places, where to catch abundant vistas, maybe a “not to be missed” place to eat, have a cup of coffee, or local brewed beer, stick around.  We’re about to go places.  The Thursday Trek.

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