Self-care Impacts Lives

Self-care impacts lives in so many positive ways, yet it’s one of those things we don’t do enough. Have you ever just spent a day off from work doing nothing? No chores, no lugging the kids here, there and everywhere, no to-do lists, no dinner to cook, nothing, nada, and zip. Then, have you felt guilty for doing nothing? Or even better, you feel selfish!

self-care impacts lives

In my new position as “entrepreneur”, I have days where absolutely nothing comes together as I would like. I go to bed feeling as though I haven’t lived up to my potential, then I wake up the next day feeling that same way! What if I just needed to “be” that day? Who knows how much good I absorbed without even realizing it?

Have you noticed after taking a vacation, that you feel refreshed, and ready to go, go, go? Have you noticed right before a vacation that you’re barely able to get ready for said vacation? Our bodies have a way of telling us that it’s break time. Our brains tell us, no, there’s more to do, do, do. In our quest for being the perfect mom, sister, daughter, employee, and friend, we tend to forget how to be the perfect self.

How does it work?

There are many ways to practice self-care. Here are a few simple ideas.

Throw the ball to the dog (or cat) for a few minutes

My personal fav ~ snuggle with the purring kitten

Meditate (or just breathe)

Stop taking work home with you!

Get a hug or give one!


self-care impacts lives

photo by Anastasia Zhenina

How do we do it?

How do we know thatĀ self-care impacts our lives in a good way? How about we try something and see what happens? If you think “I ain’t got time for that,” try a simple two minute, full-on stop at work.

Get up from your desk (or work station), take a deep breath, stretch your neck, your upper back (reach for the top of the door jamb), grab a glass of water, think of something that makes you smile (your loved ones, rushing streams, snow-covered mountain peaks, waves on the sand, a purple sunset are just a couple of suggestions), then sit back down to it. You may need a second to re-group to where you were, but you’ll find that your focus is better, your back feels better, and your system will thank you for that glass of water.

self-care impacts lives

photo by Ruston Youngblood

Accept that doing nothing is OK, and that self-care impacts the lives of those around you as well. You feel better, they feel better. Win~Win

Thanks for reading and don’t forget~sharing is caring.

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  1. The older I get the more I realize how important it is for me to unplug and refresh my body, mind and soul. I need to do it more often but that constant pull of my attention and energy seems to win most of the time.

    Good read!

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