Themes and Iditarod

So the blog assignment today was to try out other themes.  I actually just changed mine, for the 3rd time, just within the last week.  In fact, I’m still under construction a bit.  Trying to be more travel oriented and less mish-mash…my last theme was a bit cute.  It reflected my inner child more.  This one is trying to be more professional.  Any thoughts from the readers?

Travel writing is my goal. Here’s my dilemma.  The Iditarod is starting tomorrow.  Until I can travel to Alaska and watch/write about this amazing event and the people involved, all I can do is watch from afar.  Mind you, my plan is to be there within the next two years!  But how do I keep my blog travel oriented with daily class assignments and Iditarod clouding my every thought for the next two weeks?  Stay tuned.  I am challenging myself to make it happen as often as possible within those parameters.

Lets just start with why.  The Iditarod is another one of those things that makes me cry.  The extremes, the people, dogs, history, and the culture.  There is just something about it that moves me.  So, I’ll just have to go experience it, and share the best I can with you.  Here’s funny.  I’m watching a live stream of the opening banquet and bib draw as I write this.  You probably can tell I’m distracted, huh?  Sorry. Get used to it…daily posts and Iditarod.  Thanks for bearing with me folks!


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  1. Sounds like you’ll be doing a lot of crying in the future. . . I’m (we’re) really happy for you. Keep up the good work!

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