Thursday Trek – Colorado, USA

Outside Tin Cup, Colorado

Outside Tin Cup, Colorado

Thursday Trek to Colorado, USA.  Not somewhere in particular…but Colorado in general.

Why Colorado?  The mountains, the valleys, the snow-fed rivers, the never ending views.  I have a love of Colorado that makes no real sense.  I’ve only traveled there a dozen times or so, but every time calls me to come back again, and again.  So I do, and each time I am looking for that ideal place to live.  I’ve mentioned that we’ve considered having a vacation rental property.  We have that still on the back burner, but until we actually move, get settled, and get hooked up with the local small business associations, it needs to remain on the back burner.

But, we are still planning on going.  There is a calling to go to Colorado.  I feel at home there.  Every time I go, the plane circles the airport we’re about to land in, and I have trouble controlling my emotions.  I know this is home for me.  Deep in my heart, my soul.  Don’t know why, but it is.

Why should you go to Colorado?  That’s what I intend on showing you.  Over time, as I get to really know the state, inside and out, I’ll show you why.  For now, just trust me.  Follow my posts, and I promise, something will cause you to decide to go.  The mountains, the valleys, the snow-fed rivers, and the never ending views are calling.  Along with the fresh, crisp air, the silent moments lakeside, the big sky, and the sun that won’t stop.  This is the Colorado I love.

Hang tight, there’s more to come.

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