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2016 is the National Park Centennial so for this week’s Thursday Trek I thought I’d touch on the National Parks in the US.  I’m excited about this celebration because I think attention for our parks needs to be brought out in the forefront of our lives again.  As timing runs out on legislation protecting some of the resources, it has become apparent that we should be reminded of the importance of preserving these natural areas.

In a press release dated today, December 3, 2015, the following statement hit home for me.

“With every visit to national parks, people write themselves a prescription for the health benefits that come when enjoying these natural and historical wonders,” said NPS Director Jonathan B. Jarvis. “Americans have loved the national parks for a century and more. Our aim now is to help the next generation become not only visitors but park supporters and advocates, too.”

“Supporters and advocates” is the part of this statement that strikes me the most.  The younger generations that are stepping into park employment, public office, historical research, and starting families of their own, must be brought to the realization of the importance of these treasures. Without the future generations, the past will disappear.

The park service is reporting their highest numbers ever as of the end of third quarter this year, due in part to the plan for promoting the centennial that began in spring of 2015.  Take a guess at how many parks are available for you to enjoy.

  1. 210
  2. 375
  3. 409
  4. 563

If you picked number three, you are correct.  I threw in number four as a dream there would be that many!  Here is a link that will help you find parks in your area.  Plan Your Adventure   I think you may be surprised at how many you didn’t know about that may be within a days’ drive of your home.  A visit doesn’t have to include a two-week plan to get the family to a “crown jewel” like Yellowstone in the middle of summer and tourism overflow.  How about a day trip to a “lesser known gem” at Waco Mammoth National Monument?  If you’re within a two-hour radius of Waco, Texas, this is a doable day trip to one of the National Park services newest designated parks.

I’m hoping to get out to many National Parks this coming year.  I added two to my list in October while visiting family in New Jersey.  Valley Forge National Historical Park and Morristown National Historical Park.  What are your favorite parks and if you have a new one for next year, where will you go?

High on my list is Crater Lake, but I want to see it off-season when there is snow!


Crater Lake National Park


I stepped away from the colds of Alaska for this post, but I’m still open to any and all donations for my trip.  Click the purple button on the right of this page, please.  And thank you.

Thanks for reading.

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