Thursday Trek ~ Packing Part II

Thursday Trek ~ Packing Part II

is a follow-up to packing by space saver bags or rolling.

First, let’s see the comparison pictures.


Completely packed with space saver bags


Rough measurement


Same contents rolled

I’m not completely sold on the rolling.  I rolled the exact same contents and the takeaway is this: with the exception of the parka, the rolling took generally the same amount of space.  If you look in the picture of rolled contents, it is difficult to see the edge of the suitcase.  In the space saver case, there is, in some areas, almost an inch spare.

I will say, the parka was a mess.  It was rolled much tighter but kept poofing out.  What I would consider after this is using a space saver bag for the parka and rolling the rest.  I believe there would be more room utilizing both options.  I will also share that the biggest downfall of the space saver bags is wrinkles.  I have found that contents will wrinkle over time.  I’m not usually packing with any kind of dress clothes, so it doesn’t bother me to smooth things out when I get to my room.

But, I’ve discovered a third option.  Looking at the suitcase, I cringe at the thought of TSA touching my clothing while rummaging through the bag.  My bags have been searched, according to the blue tag they leave me, and I know that they wouldn’t return the clothing in the same, neat condition I rolled it in.  So, I’m going to invest in the packing cubes and try a combo of all three for Alaska.

So, the packing cubes were a great idea for organization, not so much for space saving.   I’m not sure exactly where I had better space left over.  The first suitcase, with space saver bags only, had about an inch around the whole top of free space.  With the packing cubes, I had about 3″ x 4″ x 8″ section of free space.  So no clear winner. I actually have already sent packing cubes back and ordered more space saver bags!


Here’s original contents, with Parka in space saver bag

One thing I noticed on reviews of space saver bags is that a lot of folks roll out the air in the space savers and keep them in rolled condition.  I usually flattened mine back out.  I’m going to go with a combo of space savers and rolling.

Seventeen days in Alaska and the suggestion by the Pack Point app is five days worth of sets of clothing.  Eeeek.  Wish me luck.  I think it will be a two suitcase trip.  Even WITH space savers and laundromat trips.

Thanks for reading!

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