Thursday Trek ~ Packing

Thursday Trek is about packing for that upcoming trip.  This post will be the first of a two-part post on the comparison of using space bags or rolling clothing.

I read an article the other day about what experienced cold weather folks wear in the winter to stay warm.  The interview included a postman, UPS driver, Chicago businessman, and a professional skier plus a few others.  Layers.  It’s all about layers.  If you’re active (think skiing,) moisture wicking bottom layers, followed by sweaters and coats.  If you’re just commuting to work, more coat type layers (think 3-in-1 style) that can be removed once indoors. If you’re outdoors all day, thermal bottom layers, sweaters, coats, wool blends for socks and gloves, face and ear protection, and insulated boots.  This got me to thinking; I’ve got to pack for seventeen days in Alaska at the beginning of March.  How am I to get all those layers in a suitcase?

I laid out what I thought would work for seventeen days including the flight days. For starters; I ran out of space bags, so I can’t give you what seventeen days of clothes look like packed.  Assuming a laundromat trip or two, here’s what it looks like before packing.  Click on the pics for detail.

Can you say holy crap?  I know I did.  Anyway.  Here’s what I have for you.

A long weekend of four days.  Starts out like this.

Then I put into appropriately sized space bags.  I have 3 outlined in the picture.  I’ve used “Space Bags To Go” since previous trips to Alaska that involve the same amount of clothing.  You slide folded clothes in, seal the bag, and roll it to release excess air.  I’ve had mine eight years or so, and they have started losing the ability to seal only in the last year.  I’ll be replacing them with the same thing.

Here’s a view of the bag compared to a pen before I sealed it and after I rolled the air out.  Click on the pics to see the pen on the right side of the 2nd picture.

Now, here is the whole bunch folded, in space bags and ready for the suitcase.


And here is the suitcase, one layer at a time.  I have boots and casual shoes in bottom corners and all the hand/foot warmers are shoved in them.  This is a great place for belts, charging cords, rolled socks, etc.

I layer with smaller space bags and toiletry bags to fill in around the shoes.  Then comes the space bags with clothes in them, layered as level as possible, then top off with toiletry bags.

Finally, this suitcase has an added zipper that can be opened to have space for those gifts I bring back from a trip and note there is still some room for the last minute things that I forgot.


For the next post I will take all of this out, and roll the clothing.  It has been suggested it makes better usage of space.  I’m not sold, so this will be a good trial before I replace my space bags to go.  Hope this has been useful information for some of you.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. My vote is for rolling. Less effort and more room. However, I like the space bags for privacy, I’m imagining TSA agents going through my rolled luggage vs my bagged luggage. I realize they use gloves but still ….still creeps me out to think of someone rifling through my personals.

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