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Thursday Trek to…our past.  I thought I would take us back to a time in our history that is very close to me.  I grew up in an area of New Jersey that is steeped in the history of how our country was developed.  Because my family lived in this area, my ancestors were also steeped in this history.

Washington’s troops crossed the Delaware River and marched on Trenton to defeat the Hessian Army on a very cold, blustery, Christmas Night during the Revolutionary War. Two Scudder brothers (Jedediah & Amos) led two columns of troops into Trenton…one along the river and one through the woods.  My great (times 5) grandparents Scudder took in some of those troops.  Their bloody footprints led down the drive to the house.  They were taken in, fed, clothed, housed, nursed back to health and in some cases, buried in the back yard. The healthy joined back with the troops and fought that night and then went on to fight in the battle of Princeton a few days later.  Funny part about the picture above is that there is some debate on whether or not Washington was with his troops that night.  It is also said that he actually went around another way and led the attack at Princeton.

I’ve been to Gettysburg, Valley Forge, visited many of the battlefields in and around where I grew up.  The east coast is immersed in Revolutionary and Civil War History, so it’s kind of hard to miss.  I worked for a State Park and in trying to remove a dead tree from the Princeton Battlefield grounds, the chains on the chainsaws kept popping off from hitting the musket balls embedded in the tree trunks.  If only that tree could talk.

I have found that people either find history fascinating, or they really couldn’t give two hoots.  I grew up with it.  I have four siblings and one is the extreme opposite of me with regards to our family or even our country’s history…yet one of her daughters is very much interested.  Skipped a generation, but at least I have someone to pass down the family photos to!

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  1. This is wonderful. I’d love to have one of those musket balls. I discovered a relative of mine who lived during the Revolutionary War and it was from a side of my family I didn’t expect it to be found within. His name was Twehullahlah and there is a chance he was Captain George’s father. He was (to the best of my figuring) about age 11 to 14 when that war took place. He was Delaware Indian.

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