It’s that time of year…when the world (sing along with me!)

It’s that time of year again. Have you noticed the number of articles with suggestions on how to enjoy your holidays? How to eat healthy, how to enjoy extended family visits, how to ring in the new year, and how to stick to those new year’s resolutions have littered the internet airwaves. Well, I’m about to do the same. (Insert ROFLMAO smiley here.)

In my usual December mode, I look back on the past year and hope there is some good I’ve done, accomplishment I’ve reached, and maybe spread enough love around to my nearest and dearest. I’ve read a LOT of people who have NOT had a good 2016. I admit, I’m not where I hoped I would be by now, but I really had a decent year. I cannot complain. So, I thought I’d share some of my good stuff that I’m proud of. I think it would be important to NOT to focus on bad.

  1. I realized a dream come true by going to the Iditarod. I witnessed first-hand what goes into managing a race like that.
  2. I met our favorite mushers Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore, before the race started!
  3. I went to a writing conference that deepened friendships and created more.
  4. I had the opportunity to learn first-hand what it was like to work with alpacas. Then I got to ranch sit with those alpacas.
  5. I worked diligently on creating app pages for a daily inspiration app that as of this writing is now live. (Click on the appropriate iOS or Android pic on the right sidebar from your phone!)
  6. In and around all of that, I’ve kept the blog going, increased my social media “engagement” numbers, and continued to query articles to magazines around the country.
  7. I had an article about volunteering at the Iditarod accepted by Alaska Magazine for next March edition.

All in all, an awesome year for me! Now, how do I top that for 2017?

I’ve been looking at many articles on suggestions for New Year’s resolutions and goal making. There is a ton of information out there. So I’m leaning to the minimal and go easy on yourself ideas!

  1. I want to increase my reading ~ so instead of a goal of say 2 books per month, I’ll shoot for reading some every day. Maybe a page, maybe a chapter. Bit by bit I will gain momentum!
  2. Exercise every day. Be it a walk or two, or 7-minute exercise cycle, or all of it in one day. No matter what, every day I do something will be a win!
  3. Self-care! Oooo, this will be a big one. I can work it right into our plan for a happiness jar. Every day, write down on a piece of paper something that made you happy that day and the paper goes in a jar and then at the end of the year, we go through and remind ourselves of all the happy moments! I think my self-care will be all things that create happiness!
  4. Find a hobby. The next six months will be busy with packing, getting ready to move, graduation and college prep, and in and around that, all of the above is important along with doing something fun. I’m looking at needle felting with alpaca fleece. This will be funny if not fun. I’m not a very artsy person, so a stretch for me.
  5. Find joy. This is my biggest desire for next year. I have been in a mode of work, take care of the “required” daily shit, take care of others, and it’s time to return inward. The day-to-day has gotten so routine in our house, that we have forgotten joy. We’ve forgotten spontaneity, creativity, and the quest for new. 2017 will be the spark of change for this in my life and those closest to me.
  6. Gratitude. Next to finding joy, I want to remember gratitude. Even when I’m struggling to find the joy.

I hope for everyone reading this, that you have a wonderful holiday season. Remember the reason for your particular season, and remember love. Regardless of our religious beliefs, our desires, our politics, and every other thing we can disagree over, let’s remember LOVE. Love is the reason for being. Be blessed, safe, happy, and healthy.

See you next year.

Thanks for reading.

6 Replies to “It’s that time of year…when the world (sing along with me!)”

  1. December is always a month of reflection for me too! I am pretty excited for 2017 – I am ready to “grab it” and move forward with a new chapter. A son graduating HS and moving forward with his life to college and beyond. Moving from being a full-time parent to a part-time parent (if there is such a thing) with our adult disabled son. Really getting organized with my photography with some attainable goals. 2016, I am grateful for what you have been to me. 2017, I am ready to meet you and experience new things together.

  2. Somehow, I ended up on last year’s Christmas post when I clicked through from your email, and I’m so glad I did! Now I just finished reading the current post, and love what you had to say. I agree with all of it, and hope you not only fulfill your goals, but exceed them. We will be leaving for two months in Panama right after Christmas, followed by trips to Jordan, Israel, Spain and Portugal. When we get back, we will head for Huntsville (Are you going to be at TBEX?), Corning, Montreal and NYC. That will take us through to the third week in May. We have houssitters for the duration, so that will be a big help. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!

    1. Thanks Penny. Hope you 3 have safe travels. Sounds like a busy start to your year. I can’t wait to read of your adventures. As much as I wanted to do TBEX this year, we have HS graduation and then moving to Colorado right around that time. Just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Best wishes!

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