To Eat Organic or Not…that IS the Question!

I don’t know why food is at the top of the agenda lately, but it is.  I read an article last week while I was eating the most amazing salad I’ve ever had.  Let me say this before I go any further.  I’m not a big salad kind of gal!  I was at the Phoenix airport waiting for my flight out, sitting across from a restaurant noticing how good the draft beers looked!  So I decided to grab some grub and a beer.  I guess I figured the salad would balance my very large draft!  Or, I was feeling guilty that it was the beer that got me into that particular restaurant, not the food, and I had just started reading this great article on eating organic foods!  Anyway, here is the salad!  How yummy does this look?  Going to try a lame version of it here at home.  I’ll let you know how I do.

1013141425  Avocado for protein, pearled couscous, lettuce, brown rice/roasted pumpkin seeds, dried currants, and air roasted corn.  Then just a drizzle of buttermilk dressing….oh YUM!  Very tasty.

So, onto the article I was reading.  “Fighting for a Sane Food System” by Joel Salatin in this months Mother Earth News.  He raises some very good points on not so much that we should eat Organic, but that we need to stop making dumb ass excuses as to why not.

For instance, “it’s too expensive”.  You cannot say that if you’re going to take a family of four out to dinner at minimum $10 plate at Chili’s.  That’s $40, plus drinks, plus tip. For one meal!  We just spent $19.95 for 4 pounds of Organic Grass Fed Beef, that will work its way into 4 meals!  Canned Organic Black Beans ran us around $1 per 16oz can, and Organic Lettuce Mix $6 which is about a meal and a half worth.  So we fed family of four for one meal, on about $10, and I have yet to be tipped!  So, with planning, you can afford to eat Organic.  The author of the article is saying, don’t use expense as your excuse!

Next argument, “I don’t have enough time to cook a meal”.  You have time to toss family into the car, drive to restaurant, wait for seats, wait for meal, eat meal, pay bill, drive back home, but you don’t have time to make some hamburgers out of that beef, heat up some beans, and dish out the salad mix. Yes, we sometimes have to get the kids from/to practice/school, and time can be tight, but with planning, that hamburger and beans in the slow cooker (maybe toss in some fresh Organic Carrots and Potatoes and Organic Beef Broth) and you’ve got a nice stew! Again, don’t use the argument of not having enough time. If you don’t want to try to eat better and/or feed your family better, let that be your excuse!

We’ve really had some good experiences with the changes in our diet.  It’s a great feeling having the finicky 15-year-old say that he notices the difference in how he feels because when he’s at his Dad’s every other weekend, eating crap food, he feels like crap afterwords!

Off my soap-box now!  Happy healthy eating to you all!  Here’s a link to the article if you want more to “feed your brain”.

PS  Please leave your comments in the area below.  I’d love your feedback.  Remember, keep it Positive!


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