Travel First-Aid Kit

What’s in your travel first-aid kit?

I’m looking over my packing list for The Iditarod and realized I have hardly any first-aid related items in my diddy bag.  Some band-aids, ibuprofen, and lip balm complete my travel first-aid kit!  That is not going to do for my volunteering in Alaska for sure, but I don’t think I need to be as detailed as my kit for hiking – which is called a mini medical kit.  What’s the difference you ask?  Well, I’m here to explain that.

My basic travel first-aid kit will include the following:

Assorted sizes of band-aids for every little nick and scratch or hangnail that may occur.


travel first-aid

travel first-aid

Salonpas pain relieving patches.  I don’t go anywhere without these.  One little stiff neck or shoulder from the pillow in my hotel room and these beauties save the day.  Imagine a stick-on Ben Gay patch.

Blister pads.  I’m trying to break in my snow boots by wearing them on short errands like grocery shopping, but still want to have these in case I get a rubbed spot while I’m wearing them for six hours working with the dogs!  Have you ever used Finger Sleeves? I love these for knuckle jam-ups or even holding a band-aid in place when it’s on a knuckle.

travel first-aid travel first aidtravel first-aidtravel first-aidtravel first-aid

 Lip Balm for keeping enough moisture and sun-screen protection on the lips.  Ibuprofen for headaches and body pains.  A lavender flower essence is wonderful for headaches if you’re looking for a more natural way to rid them.

I use a variety of Aromatherapy Inhalers based on where I’m traveling.  Alpine for altitude, Winter Bliss for colder climates and Bedtime Bliss for peaceful sleeping.  I love these so much.  If you’re interested, click the picture to take you right to Shining Mountain Herbs website where I buy them.

 travel first-aid travel first-aid travel first-aid

Motion sickness?  I’ve got you covered with Ginger and Gin-Gins.  I take Ginger for about a week before flying and then, depending on the length of trip, during or towards the end of the trip before flying back home.  These worked amazingly for me on my last cruise.  I mean amazing.  I keep Gin-Gins with me in my carry-on in case the flight is bumpy, and I need a little extra boost. 

Benefiber to-go.  Let’s admit it.  Many of us have “problems” when we travel.  I have found these to keep me happy for an entire trip.  Dump one in an 8oz bottle of water, or a cup of coffee daily and I’m good to “go.”  I also pack Pepcid for those really rich meals, and Papaya Enzymes for gentle breakdown when I’m a little full.

travel first-aidtravel first-aidtravel first-aid

Finally, everyone has their beliefs about flying and germs and getting sick.  Whether you take Airborne, Emergen-c, or more natural approach, make sure you do something.  My favorite is  Journey Well also made by Shining Mountain Herbs.  Again, click on that picture to be taken right to their website.  And no, I don’t make any money on sales ~ I just believe in their products that much.

travel first-aid

That pretty much sums up my basic travel first-aid kit.

My Mini Medical Kit includes:

Assorted sizes of Band-Aids including 2X2 steri-pads.  Medical tape, medical scissors, alcohol prep pads, and disposable gloves.  Tissues, ibuprofen, emergency blanket, snake bite kit and a swiss army knife.  I have this one permanently in my hiking Camelback.

travel first-aid


Did you wonder how I keep all those little bottles protected for travel?  I found the greatest thing.  This case is padded, zippered, two-sided, with a pad across the middle separating each side.  Each side has elastic rings to hold your bottles in place and will hold up to ten bottles.  I LOVE it.  All my breakables go in here.  If you are interested in one, see link at bottom of page.  Yes, I do get a teeny commission on sales through the link.

So that’s my take on travel first-aid.  I would LOVE some comments on what you think.  Did I miss anything?  Walmart is four miles away from my hotel.  I don’t want to take a cab to go get something simple.  Please let me know.

As always, thanks for reading!

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