U are~just where U need to be

You truly are ~ just where you need to be.

Do you look at where you wish you were, or think, “No, I want to be at this level, accomplishing this much?” Or maybe “What in the world am I doing?” My favorite self-beating message is “This isn’t working, the hell with it.” Sometimes it’s hard to sit with the notion of, “I am exactly where I should be at this moment in time.”


I’m here to tell you; it’s true! Imagine all the places you’ve been, the things you have seen, the experiences you’ve had, (good and bad) and then wish them away. Now imagine your life without them. A little different huh? The best part is, if you’re a little not happy with who you are at this moment, you have free will to change that. Go somewhere you’ve never been, witness something you’ve never seen, experience something new or make new friends. You are the sum of all your parts. If you’re not happy, change something. You can’t keep doing the same thing, and get different results. You can’t.


One of my favorite mantras is ~
Embrace and appreciate where you are now while anticipating where you are going.

Always moving. you are just where you need to be

The mantra says so much for me especially! I’ve been working on my “own thing” for a year now. I’ve gained new friends while traveling and attending great conferences. I’ve formulated a strategy for moving forward. So I am definitely just where I need to be. Now, yes. I have my moments.  The underlying message that keeps me going is that I’m heading for more of what I want and how I want to be. Every stumbling block is just a chance to stand up straight again and keep on moving.

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” 

Thomas Edison


I watched this TedTalk with Elizabeth Gilbert and realized it’s in our very nature to succeed and to fail. We all are ~ just where we need to be. That means you too!


Thanks for reading!

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