Published Works

This is a listing of published works…this will always be “in the works”.

  • Alaska Magazine. March 2017 Iditarod Edition. Iditarod Volunteer

  • Guest Blog Posts

Washington & the Delaware








  • Travel Post Monthly.  September 1, 2015

Perfect Day in Ridgway, Colorado


  • Short in Texas Lifestyle Magazine, online edition.  June 12, 2015   


Grand Central Cafe

Grand Central Cafe

  • Burned Out Emotions was published in Mused Literary Review in the Summer 2012 issue about my personal experiences with the wildfires in Texas in early fall 2011.  The article can be found on page 24.

Burned Out Emotions

  • I spent a year as a contributing editor at Bella Online, writing weekly articles about the State of Alaska.  As a “gift” for my Mother, who doesn’t own a computer, I put together a compilation of my favorites in paperback form.



  • Here is link to a Kirkus Review of the book!